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Get ready. The (GR)A-Team is back with one of its most exciting events! So prepare yourself. Do some push-ups, hone your ninja camouflage skills, improve your aim at the shooting range. Train as much as you want, but more important, don't forget to register!


Date and Location

The date is Saturday September 24th 2011.

Just like last year, the friendly fight will take place at Hogback Mountain Paintball (directions). It's about one hour drive from Nist. Once you reach Hogback Mountain Road (State Road 651), just follow the signs. If you don't have a car, see the carpooling section.

Everybody has to get there by 1 pm sharp!

Then you'll have to sign a waiver and listen to the rules and safety training before starting to play.

It's a good idea to have lunch before coming, we won't have time to eat there.

How to Register

Just send an email with your name at this address:


The rental package includes a semi auto gun with Co2, a mask, and 500 paintballs. You cannot bring your own balls, you have to buy them there. If you want some extra paintballs, have a look at the prices here.


If you go there by car and have some empty seats, please consider using the forum to let others know. Carpooling is fun, green, and splits gas costs !

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