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The NIST Guest Researcher Association is organizing its annual GRA Soccer Tournament. The tournament will be held on Friday, 18th of June 2010 at the NIST Main Campus (i.e. in Gaithersburg).

 Gathering for players will be at 1.00pm!  First game is at 1:30pm!

Place: Soccer field near Bldg. 226
Starting time : see above

The event is free and the main sponsor again is the COMSTAR Federal Credit Union bank. Free refreshment will be served to the players. More goodies to come!

All NIST staff, associates, guest researchers and their families are invited to participate in this year’s GRA Soccer Tournament.

How to sign up?

This is an important change from the previous way the soccer tournament was working. We are going back to the roots of the spirit of friendly competition. In the past the competition part gained too much weight -- we don't want anybody to get hurt! Additionally, as with all GRA events, the purpose of our competitions is to get people together, get to know new people, and not appear there with your squad of well known buddies and fight for the win.

So: to sign up, simple send an email to . That's it. There's no need to create a team -- we will be creating teams and assigning players at random to these teams (yes, seriously).

To make planning easier for us, we'd be very grateful if you could sign up pretty early!

On the day of the tournament you will have to sign the waiver


If you are interested to help us you are very welcome! We're looking for volunteer referees. If you have any question or suggestion about the tournament, don't hesitate to contact us! There are many ways to do so:

  • get in touch with GRA directly,
  • send an email to Martin.
  • post a message on the GRA forum.

Tournament Rules

See the Soccer Tournament Rules page.

Sponsors & Prizes

We will provide some prizes for the tournament winners!

Waiver, Release of Liability

At the day of tournament, before starting to play, it will be required from each player to read and sign the GRA Soccer Tournament Disclaimer


Frequently Asked Questions about the tournament and their answers here. Will be updated as questions pop up.

  • How will you create evenly matched teams?
Even though we have announced that we will pool players to create teams of an about even strength, we are well aware that we do not know all of the players and thus will never be able to create a real "fair" selection of teams. Instead, we will most likely create two to three classes, one for the players that we know are really good (optionally: one for those of who we know they are really bad) and the rest. We will then randomly create teams from these. What we want to avoid this way is creating a really strong team (or a really weak team).

  • How many players are there per team?
We are aiming for a teamsize of seven players (6 on field, one substitute). In case we get flooded with signups, we are considering 8 players per team. If we might be somewhat low, we are likely to rather make teams of 6 than downgrading the team size.
  • How many players/teams will there be? At a maximum?
We have time and space for 12 teams, a 8 players / team maximum. That means we're full at 96 players. Ideally, we would have 12 teams with 6 or 7 players each (i.e. 72 or 84 players signed up).
  • Is there an age limit?
Technically no. bring your grandparents and your grandchildren, too. Remember everyone has to sign the waiver, for underaged this has to be done by their parents. You know the risks for your (or your children/parents) health! We'd like to add that we are not feeling comfortable having players younger than ~16 or older than ~70 on the field - we really want to avoid anybody getting hurt!

Pictures from the previous tournaments

Winners of 2009 Winners of 2008 Winners of 2007 Winners of 2006





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