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There are lots of chances to play soccer at NIST. The biggest soccer event of the year is the annual GRA soccer tournament. There are also regular, informal games organised by NIST employees and GRA members.

Regular soccer games

In the past, some GRA members played soccer on thursday evenings at 5:20pm near gate F. The GRA game tends to start in March/April when the weather begins to warm up. Contact Sylvere if you are interested in playing.

There are also some people who play soccer on NIST grounds near the main Gate at lunchtime. These guys are really, really good and help us a little in organizing the Soccer Tournament every year. They play in all kinds of weather conditions. Contact Richard Gates if you are interested in this game.

Soccer tournament

The soccer tournament is held every year, usually in June. It is not uncommon to get almost 100 participants. Here are some details and photographs from the soccer tournamant in previous years.

Soccer Tournament 2013

Soccer Tournament 2012

Soccer Tournament 2011

Soccer Tournament 2010

Soccer Tournament 2009

Soccer Tournament 2008

Soccer Tournament 2006

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