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Save the date! The GRA pool tournament will be held in Friday, November 4th 2011!

We will start at 6pm with the practice, and form teams as usual.

The tournament itself will start at 7pm.

This year, the tournament will take place in a different location, since the place we used to go has closed.

Here is the new address:

Winston's Billiards

1776 E. Jefferson Street,

Rockville, MD 20852



Everybody's welcome!

Even if you are an absolute beginner, don't be afraid and join us! You won't be alone: teams will be chosen randomly with a lottery system at the beginning of the tournament.

The goal of the event is to relax and have fun while playing and chatting with others. It's a perfect occasion to get to know people!

The winners will receive a coupon to come and play pool again at the same place.

Also, they will be honored with the GRA pool trophy... but they'll have to relinquish it to the winners of the next pool tournament!

Getting there

Unless you leave nearby, the easiest is to take your car. You can also ride bus lines 5 or 26, but if you don't have a car, it's more fun to carpool with friends! If you don't have friends, or if none of them have a car, you can send an S.O.S. on the forum. Drivers... First, please have a look at the forum, there may be some people needing your friendship :) Second, if you don't have a GPS, it can be a good idea to print the Google Maps Directions.

Sign up!

Please let us know you're in!

Either send us an RSVP mail to pool@guestresearcher.org (please include "Pool" in the subject),

or "attend" the event on facebook (you can find a link to the facebook event on our facebook group page)

By the way!... If your facebook profile does not reflect your actual name, please send us an email instead, it will be more convenient for us. Thank you! And don't forget to add the names of your friends, if you register several people at once. If you want, you can also indicate if you need/can offer a ride.


The Standard GRA Pool tournament rules are being used.


This event was a huge success! Over 50 people [1] attended, and 40 actually played the tournament.

40 people should be considered a maximum for 10 pool tables; we should advertise the event as "limited space" next time. Also, it's likely that we'll organize it a Saturday night instead of a Friday night. The manager of the place told us it would be better for him and he could give us the 10 pool tables for the whole night on a Saturday.

It was challenging to write the scores and update the game board; we definitely need someone who doesn't play to take care of this (and it would be easier if done with a Java application on a laptop). The random team & games system is good as long as there's no more than 40 players (and I said earlier that this should be the maximum limit, so it's fine). As a side note, I would like to remind everyone that it is important to play each game on the table specifically assigned! Do not just use the first table available, thank you!

There were two unpaid tabs at the end of the event. We know that some people paid in cash, so maybe the staff made a mistake about that. Please ask for a receipt when you pay cash; The GRA had to pay for these tabs.

We should revise the rules, people didn't deem them correct/in accordance with "official" pool rules. We need to print several copies of the rules and bring them the D-day.

Thank you everyone for coming! :)

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