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Tournament of October 2010

The 2nd GRA Poker Tournament will be held in October, on Friday the 29th. The tournament will start at 6.30pm.


Sign up for GRAs second ever Poker Tournament via email until Monday, Oct 25th and secure your spot as well as the double amount of chips!!

When? On Friday, October 29th the Guest Researcher Association is organizing the GRA Poker Tournament!
Who? Everyone is welcome - Guest Researchers, Employees, Associates, Friends, Foreigners, ... If you are a beginner or experienced player makes no difference. Rules will be explained here. In case you have any questions during the tournament, there will be help provided by the tournament organization.
Where? The tournament will be held at The End Zone Bar & Grill in Gaithersburg. Directions can be found below. If you do not know how to get there, we can easily organize a ride for you. Just put "NEED A RIDE" on your RSVP email.

The End Zone Bar & Grill 317 East Diamond Avenue (lower level) Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Google maps directions

I am a beginner - can I play?

This event is free of charge and the main reason is to have fun together. Everyone is welcome to join, play with us and drink a few beer. You really do not need to worry if you do not know all the rules by heart. We prepared a short rules page for you to check. Everyone at the table as well as the head of the tournament will be glad to help you in case you have any questions. You can also reach Dennis via email or phone at all times.

How to subscribe

Please send following RSVP mail to
"event: GRA Poker
status: IN
number of people: (if you sign up for more than 1 person, please enter the total number of people joining the event here)
name(s): (please enter your and everyones names joining you for this event here)
need a ride: yes/no
offer a ride: no/number of people"

Thank you!
Any questions: call Dennis at work: x4645 or on the mobile phone: 240-898-8241.

The rules

The Standard GRA Poker tournament rules are being used.

What else?

Check out the Information for our first ever Poker Tournament!


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