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Tournament of April 2010

The 1st GRA Poker Tournament will be held in March, on Monday the 19th. The tournament will start at 7pm.


Sign up for GRAs first ever Poker Tournament via email until Monday, Apr 12 and secure your spot as well as the double amount of chips!!

When? On Monday, April 19th the Guest Researcher Association is organizing the GRA Poker Tournament!
Who? Everyone is welcome - Guest Researchers, Employees, Associates, Friends, Foreigners, ... If you are a beginner or experienced player makes no difference. Rules will be explained here. In case you have any questions during the tournament, there will be help provided by the tournament organization.
Where? The tournament will be held at The End Zone Bar & Grill in Gaithersburg. Directions can be found below. If you do not know how to get there, we can easily organize a ride for you. Just put "NEED A RIDE" on your RSVP email.

The End Zone Bar & Grill 317 East Diamond Avenue (lower level) Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Google maps directions

I am a beginner - can I play?

This event is free of charge and the main reason is to have fun together. Everyone is welcome to join, play with us and drink a few beer. You really do not need to worry if you do not know all the rules by heart. We prepared a short rules page for you to check. Everyone at the table as well as the head of the tournament will be glad to help you in case you have any questions. You can also reach Dennis via email or phone at all times.

How to subscribe

Please send following RSVP mail to
"event: GRA Poker
status: IN
number of people: (if you sign up for more than 1 person, please enter the total number of people joining the event here)
name(s): (please enter your and everyones names joining you for this event here)
need a ride: yes/no
offer a ride: no/number of people"

Thank you!
Any questions: check our forums or call Dennis at work: x4645.

The rules

The Standard GRA Poker tournament rules are being used.

The report and pictures

by Dennis

My personal experience during the GRA Poker Tournament can be summarized quickly: I had an unusual big amount of seemingly good hands like A 10, A J, K Q (mostly suited) or even QQ. Probably the best that can happen to you in a tournament with rapidly increasing blinds. Unfortunately I rarely ever connected and due to the nature of the board (for example 4 suited cards and 2 opponents raising) mostly had to fold those. I survived 2 All-Ins until I got kicked out during my 3rd try to double up. This gave me the chance to walk around and check on the other tables. Maybe I should take a step back here and tell you a little bit about the tournament:

We had exactly 44 players playing the first ever GRA Poker Tournament. The event took place at “The End Zone Bar and Grill” and it turned out to be a great venue. The poker tables were already set up for us upon arrival and the tournament host was very helpful, especially for all the new players. Some people just came over to watch the action and them as well as players from the tournament started playing pool on one of the numerous tables. All in all the staff was very friendly and I can definitely see us having another event at this bar (maybe one of the next Happy Hours?). For everyone who got infected with the Poker-gene now: There are plenty possibilities in and around Gaithersburg to play free poker tournaments pretty much daily. “The End Zone” for example is holding tournaments every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7pm and 10pm; Saturdays at 12 and 3pm – and often enough on other days during the week as well. I think we might just have our next Wednesdays Happy Hour at that bar, so everyone interested can jump right into the Poker action from there.

Alright, back to our tournament. I will jump right into the final table action. Seats were taken by:

35k - Ryan chip leader
23k - Jean-Loup
20k - Ben
15k - Brian
15k - Deepak
9k - Mathieu
9k - Coralie
8k - Raphael
4k - Karen
2k - Bo

Ryan already went into the final table with a very decent lead on most of his opponents. He even increased that lead while taking out a couple of the players with lower amounts of chips. Only Jean-Loup was able to cut down his stack during one hand with hitting an ace-high flush on the river (Ryan had his flush already completed, but the 4th card of the same kind gave Jean-Loup the advantage). Lots of “uuuuuuhs” and “aaaaaaaaaahs” were to hear around the table. Shortly after, Ryan bet Jean-Loup out of a hand and took back most of the chips. At this time only 7 players were left at the table. Mathieu never seemed to hit anything on that table and found himself being all-in just through the big blind coming his way. If that wasn’t enough, Jean-Loup called him with KJ and the flop showed K4K, giving him a solid 3-of-a-kind. The turn revealed a J, completing the Full House for Jean-Loup and ending Mathieu’s hopes for reaching one of the prizes. Next hand was Ben’s turn to go all in with his 8k he had left. He showed off suited K6 which ended up losing to Ryan’s (once again) A10. 4 Players were left in the tournament at this point and only one more would go out not receiving any prize. I can only guess how big the chip lead of Ryan was at this point. It surely was enough to cover everyone else multiple times. I guess he had about 90% of the chips already. Deepak doubled up through him in the following hand. He tried the same right after but failed and ended up in 4th place. So it was Ryan, Brian and Jean-Loup battling it out for the last 3 spots. Brian was directly put all-in due to the big blind and won with 9 high. Jean-Loup also took a small chunk of Ryan’s stack by winning an Ace high battle with the better kicker being a Q. Those were the last chips Ryan was to lose at this evening. The next hand had Jean-Loup going in with a strong hand of QQ against an off suited A9 hand. He was the favorite to win this hand, but ended up losing when an ace came up on the flop, putting him in a great 3rd place. Ryan took the last hand with hitting a 9 on the turn to complete the tournament; Brian was all in but had no pair. Ryan as well as Brian was sitting at my table when we started the tournament, guess I am going to find some other opponents next time we play ;-)

Below this report you can find the pictures from the tournament. Thanks everyone for coming.

Upcoming event: GRA Minigolf on Sunday, May 23rd – more information soon^^

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