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First GRA Paintball Event

The first Paintball event, nicely organized by Nicolas Brayard and the GRA board, was held in Leesburg, VA, (map) on Saturday September 13th between 12.30 p.m. and 5 p.m.

About 40 enthusiastic Guest Researchers joined this game.

At their arrival on the field they were divided into two teams: the Sharp Shooters and the Crazy Warriors. Before starting, all players attended a safety briefing and received their protective garment plus 500 paintballs, pod back, semi-auto paintgun, and a CO2 tank. The most "serious" players purchased also a camouflage outfits (see picture below).


The brave players ready to "fight"!

First of all, the purpose of this event, as with all GRA events, was to promote a friendly activity; the spirit of the game was based on friendship and fun, and not on physical dominance or aggressive behavior. Said that, the aim of the paintball game was - of course - to eliminate the players of the other team by hitting them with a paintball. At last, the most painful experience was the muscle soreness for the next couple of days :)

There were 5 games on 3 fields. Each field was featuring a different scenario with barriers, bridges, tree, etc. The day was sunny and warm; so after the first 2 games, everybody was really glad to have a break, to chill down and have a fresh drink. This was also a good time for brainstorming... some of the sharpest researchers from all over the world were now extremely concentrated in thinking up "revolutionary" (or maybe crazy) strategies for the following games!

At the end of the afternoon after 5 games that lasted about 4 hours, in spite of the fatigue, most of the players were still there willing to continue but it was time to give back all the garment and take pictures of the "survivors"...

For more pics check out our Gallery section

Thanks everybody for making the GRA Paintball event a big success!

Mauro Zammarano, GRA President


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