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This event will be postponed. Due to bad weather, this event will not take place today. Check back on the site at the beginning of next week for a new date.

Sign up for GRAs may event - a nice sunday afternoon of mini golf!

When? On Sunday, May 23rd
Who? Everyone is welcome - Guest Researchers, Employees, Associates, Friends, Foreigners, ... If you are a beginner or experienced player makes no difference.
Where? Gaithersburg Miniature Golf
Directions can be found below. If you do not know how to get there, we can easily organize a ride for you. Just put "NEED A RIDE" on your RSVP email.

514 S. Frederick Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Google maps directions

Drive up into Education Boulevard. When you get to the roundabout, you have to take the 3rd exit of the roundabout, followed by a quick right. If you did it right, you will not end up at the High School grounds. (the 3rd exit is the one going south, not straight). It is right behind the Activity Center.

I never played before - can I play?

Of course you can. Mini golf is not that hard to learn. This will be an afternoon with lots of fun and a little competition. Equipment will be provided by the city of Gaithersburg. See the rules section for more info on how to play mini golf.

What if the weather is bad?

The minigolf course policy says that if its "just a little sprinkeling" the event will still happen. In case its really raining alot, it will be rescheduled. If you are unsure on sunday whether the event will be held or not, simply check this website. In case the event is cancelled, we will be posting a big, red note right here. In case you dont have a chance to check our webpage on sunday, you can also give me a call instead: 240-898-8241 Dennis

Now if it is raining a little bit, here is our "its raining a little bit meeting point": In front of the minigolf entrance there is an entrance to the swimming pool (as you have to go to the skate park, you may miss it). That is where we will meet if there is slightly bad weather. If the day is good, simply meet in the course itself.

How to subscribe

Please send following RSVP mail to
"event: Mini golf
status: IN
number of people: (if you sign up for more than 1 person, please enter the total number of people joining the event here)
name(s): (please enter your and everyones names joining you for this event here)
need a ride: yes/no
offer a ride: no/number of people"

Thank you!
Any questions: check our forums or call Dennis at work: x4645.

You can pay the 6$ fee either when you see Dennis or when you arrive at the course.


Warm-Up time:
There will be a Warm-Up time from 1pm till 1.15pm before we start a little tournament.

We are planning to play one full round of Mini golf (every player completing all 18 holes once). If there is still time and enough people who want to play afterwards, I am sure we can figure something out. Surprise! :-)

The rules

Each course has several cups (holes), so players can (depending on their skil llevel) chose which one they want to use to finish the course. In order to keep a somwhat fair competition, we will decide which cup is to be used on each course prior to the start of the tournament.
Players will be randomly drawn into different teams who will compete against each other.
Each team will start at a different hole and go once around the course.
The total number of shots of each team will determine the rankings.

Each team determines the order in which its players will play each hole.
Players play after each other. That means, a player has to start and finish a hole before its the next players turn.
Every player has 6 shots to complete a hole.
The number of shots taken to finish a hole will be noted on the score sheet.
If a player still didnt finish a hole with the 6th shot, a "7" will be noted on the score sheet.

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