Meeting minutes 12/29/2016

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Tuesday 12/29/2016 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm


Building 101, Cafeteria


GRA board meeting



  • President: David Lechevalier
  • Treasurer: Philippe Dessauw
  • Raphael Barbau
  • Brandon Lane
  • Kostas Makrides

Active members:

  • Jack Glover


First, the board nominated a new secretary in the person of Kostas Makrides. The board discussed the role of each board member. In a second time, the board planned the future events for the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. The pool tournament (on December 12 th ) is the last major event of the year.

The last happy hour of the year will occur on December 16th. The next three events to be scheduled are a bowling event, an ice skating event, and a laser tag event. The board members will take in charge the organization of these events. The board is still looking for a place to run the poker event.

The board quickly discuss with Jack the organization of the softball team. New jerseys are required to display the new sponsor (Dakota) logo. Contract with Dakota are necessary to provide the page on the website as notified in the contract signed by the GRA.

A power point is in progress to describe how to organize an event and the required steps to advertise about it. This will ensure that everybody can organize an event and that the members are aware of it. It will be also useful for any new board member.

As a last item, the board discuss the future of the association and the actions to take to involve members in the board and attract new members. Happy hours are good occasion to ask if people are members of the Facebook page or the mailing list. Posters should be display from time to time to advertise about events. Board members could organize monthly advertisement about the association at the cafeteria. Pictures at every event are more than welcome!

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