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Language Lunch Table

Language Lunch tables are on hold for the moment. We are currently looking for people interested in taking care of one of them (German, Spanish, French... you decide!). Contact us!


Are you interested in practicing a foreign language? Meeting fellow countrymen or people of diverse backgrounds who speak your language? Having an enjoyable lunch with lively discussion?

Then please join us at a Language Lunch Table!

The GRA regularly holds lunchtime meetings where you can practice your language skills and meet other friendly NIST employees. In the past we also hosted lunchtime meetings for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English. For the moment, French and German lunch tables are held once a month. NIST Chinese Association also holds Chinese lunch tables from time to time, once every few months (please email chong.xu at for details).

We will post here for dates, times and languages, so plan to have / bring your lunch to the cafeteria on these days!

How to join

Come directly during the event held in the NIST cafeteria by the wall far from the cash registers. Look for the person responsible for the Lunch Table and the small flag of the corresponding country.


Dates of the events are posted to the GRA calendar .
According to the demand new languages may be added, so do not hesitate to manifest your wishes! and stay tuned!


If you are interested in joining the tables, suggesting a new language, or have a question or suggestion do not hesitate to contact us by specifying your language of interest and your level of knowledge (none, basic, advanced, native speaker).


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