Hawaiian Party 2012

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In order to get an early taste of summer this year, the GRA will have a Hawaiian party on Friday, March 30! Come wearing any variations of flowery attire and pareos, raffia clothes / hats and leis of flowers! Or you can just settle for beach attire. The party will start around 9:00pm and should last until 5:00am.

The GRA will provide a few basic beverages to get everyone started (bowls of punch, softs, and some alcohol) as well as some party snacks. We would like everyone to contribute a little to the party by bringing something to drink or eat. This will be greatly appreciated.

The party will take place at Diane's, Fabien's and Stephane's house. It is a really big house so there should be plenty of space for everyone. The address has been given on the GRA NIST mailing-list and will also be made available on the Facebook event page.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

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