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The officers of the GRA perform most of the work (read: delegation) to get things done. There are three officers of the GRA, the chair (often called "president"), the secretary and the treasurer. Their duties are determined by Article 5, section 2 of the bylaws.


Chair / President

5.2.1 The Executive Council Chair shall: preside at all meetings, call all special meetings, represent GRA at meetings with officials of NIST or with other organizations, serve ex officio on all standing committees of GRA, present reports of any officers or committee chairpersons who are unable to be present at meetings requiring their delivery, and be responsible for coordinating all committee activities. The Chair shall determine the agenda for all Executive Council meetings. The Chair shall appoint all committees and their chairs, and shall define the duties of each. Such appointments shall be submitted to the Executive Council for approval. The Chair shall seek tax exempt identification for GRA if needed.

Secretary / Vice president

5.2.2 The Executive Council Secretary shall: record and maintain all meeting minutes and all GRA records, reports and documents, and serve as official correspondent for GRA, unless the Executive Council Chair assigns that function to someone else for a special purpose.


5.2.3 The Executive Council Treasurer shall receive and dispense all funds for activities requiring monies, maintain an account at a financial institution, keep sufficiently accurate financial and tax records, and provide a financial report at the bi annual GRA meeting. In the event that receipts to the treasury exceed $500 the treasurer will be duly bonded in accordance with DAO 202-707, Section 3.g.2.

Current Officers

The current (as of June 2016) officers are:

Chair: David Lechevalier
Treasurer: Philippe Dessauw
IT: Raphael Barbau
Active member, happy hours': Brandon Lane

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