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The GRA's Executive Council directs per the bylaws the course of the GRA. Its members are elected on a 6 month basis during the regular meetings in april and october.

Duties per the bylaws

ARTICLE 5. Section 1: Executive Council
5.1.1 The function of the Executive Council shall be to act on matters in which GRA has an interest, provide counsel to its members, and set general policy.
5.1.2 The Executive Council of GRA will consist of five members, who are currently working at NIST. The Executive Council will elect a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer from the members of the executive council.
5.1.3 The officers of GRA shall be elected for a term of six months, they should hold office until successors are duly elected or appointed. In the event a member of the Executive Board is not able to perform his or her duties, the other members of the Executive Board shall propose a replacement until the next election. Five persons or ten percents of the members, whichever is higher, may object the nomination within two weeks following the nomination.
5.1.4 When a member of the Executive Council resigns or ceases employment at NIST, she or he shall provide a written notice of resignation to the Executive Council.
5.1.5 A majority vote in the Executive Council will be required for a motion to prevail. A quorum of the Executive Council will consist of three members.
5.1.6 The Executive Council shall conduct meetings in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

Current Executive Council

The current executive council consists of David Lechevalier (France), Philippe Dessauw (France), Julien Perugini (France), Kai-Li Kang(Taiwan) and Brandon Lane(USA). They were elected in the regular February 27th 2014 meeting of the GRA.

Previous Councils

Pictures of most previous councils are available on the GRA Gallery.

You can find here a few pictures and descriptions of the most recent Boards that led the GRA.

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