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First flight, December 17, 1903.
First flight, December 17, 1903.


So you want to fly away ! Find a ticket !

Things to keep in mind

  • Do no put any locks on your luggages. Because since September 11, the TSA (The US Transport Security Administration) employees who work at the US airports can open your luggages (authorized by law). If you have a locker on your luggages, they would cut it if they want to check your luggage.
  • Do not make jokes about bombs or other sensitive events (9/11). You can be arrested. We're not joking !


American Airlines :
Independence Air :
US Airways :
AirTran :
JetBlue :
Delta Airlines :
America West :
Northwest Airlines :
Southwest Airlines :
Spirit :
Continental Airlines :
Air France: (very efficient as well).

Price comparison

Newark Airport Express

From: Port Authority To : Newark Airport

One way : $13.00


A codeshare is an agreement between two airlines in which each sells tickets on the other airline's flights; also, a flight on which this occurs.


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