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Lost/Stolen Wallet or Credit Card

If you lost your wallet or purse containing IDs, credit cards, personal checks, cash and other things you need to take the following steps, sorted by priority: (You have to follow the same procedure if your wallet was stolen)

1. Immediately call all your credit card companies, such as VISA, Master Card, American Express, etc. You need to do this for so-called Check Cards too such as the Visa Comstar Check Card

Before you call: • get information such as credit card number and personal information ready. If you can’t remember the card number, check your on-line banking record or old statements. You will also need some personal information such as social security number to identity yourself. • find toll free numbers to report the card lost or stolen on the credit card companies’ homepage or your banks homepage.

When you call: • tell them about your last transactions using your cards and ask for the last recorded transactions. If the last transactions were not made by you, you need to take further steps to report ->Identity Fraud. • block the card(s) and order new ones

After your call: You need to fill out so called dispute forms in which you list all payments from you account that were not made by you. The forms will be mailed to you. A faster way to do this is to fill out the forms directly at your bank.

2. If you had blank checks in you wallet call your bank and report it. The bank must block all these checks. You can do this on-line if you are using on-line banking. In case a check was fraudulently cashed in your name you need to fill out a form for “fraud check” at your bank and take further steps -> Identity Fraud.

3. Speak to your bank. Block all lost debit cards. It may be best to close your accounts and open a new account, especially in case of identity fraud. Remember to update all authorized payments that come off your account and let Human Resources know about your new account. The form for latter can be picked up at the OIAA.

4. Call the police and report your wallet stolen or lost. The incident report is needed to order some new IDs and also useful in case somebody finds your wallet and returns it. Before you call: make a list of all the items that were in your wallet. Call the Montgomery County Police Non-Emergency Number: 301-279-8000. They will call you back and file a report. Notice that it may take some time until they call you back (2-4 hours). The report will be ready to pick up in 3-5 days at the Records Division in Rockville When you call: make sure to write down the report incident number and the name of the officer you spoke to. You will need this information if you are stopped by the police driving without driver’s license or any time you need to update the report.

5. For international documents check with your embassy. Temporary passports and driver’s licenses can be issued there. Passports need to be reported lost and stolen. Talk to OIAA about what to do.

6. If you lost your SSN card you need a new one. Information here:

7. Call all places of lost membership cards. Block the old cards and order new ones. This includes membership cards for Blockbusters, AAA, etc. Many times this can be done over the phone or on-line.

8. If your credit cards were fraudulently used or checks were signed in your name you need to report ID theft and take further steps -> Identity Fraud.

9. Buy a new wallet and start from scratch. Next time make copies of all documents in your wallet and keep them in a safe place together with a list of all emergency numbers.

Identity Fraud

If your credit cards or debit cards were fraudulently used or your signature was forged on your personal checks you need to report ID theft. This will prevent people from using your identity to open new bank accounts and get credit in your name. Although you are not liable for the money that other people spend in your name, your credit history will be affected which can be even worse. Identity fraud is something you need to take serious in the U.S; it may haunt you for many years to come. In some cases you might want to report ID theft even before fraudulent use occurs, especially if important identification documents such as SSN card and passports are lost or stolen. Some general information is here:

Follow the following steps:

1. Report the identity fraud to the three fraud department of the credit bureaus

• Equifax 1-800-525-6285

• Experian 1-888-397-3742

• TransUnion 1 800-680-7289

Each of them will tell you that you only need to report it to one of them and they will forward the information to the other two. However, it is advisable to report it to each of them. All telephone numbers have an automatic system where you can enter all your information. Note that the system might not recognize your SSN, but you can still leave all your other information.

2. Fill out the ID theft complaint form$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU03

3. Block all your credit cards. See lost/stolen wallet.

4. Talk to your bank. Replace all credit and debit cards and destroy all checks and open a new account. See lost/stolen wallet.

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