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Free International Calls

As simple as calling the number (do not forget to start with a one, so for a NIST phone it will be 91-local number), and pressing your destination number; starting with 011-country code-etc.

Prepaid calling cards

... are the best and cheapest way to call home countries from the US. However, WATCH OUT with cheap cards buying on the internet. A lot of them do not mention the weekly service fees, and other hidden fees. This means that your $10 card can be already empty if you try to call your grandma for the second time.

Value for dollars: (works perfect for West-Europe).
If you have problems, try to:

  • Call the customer service that is given with your access number. Might solve the problem.
  • Ask for the supervisor and make sure that you note down his sur- and last-name. Might solve the problem.
  • Call 1-800-483-3805 and explain that you did the above. This should solve your problem.

List of companies that rip you off (you should better donate your money to the GRA):


Find a home phone

Find a mobile phone

There is lots of offers from the three main provider: Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile. There are also other smaller providers. Don't hesitate to check the Deals before buying something.

Pre Paid plans

Pre Paid plans allow you to buy credit in one time and then use it: check the Pay as you go page.

Calling plans

Calling plans are generally for 1 year. Every month, you get credit to use for the current month.


Calling from outside the US with your US mobile phone

1-866-CINGULAR: International long distance dialing

International Roaming — When you Travel Outside the U.S. - Make and receive calls while travelling in over 160 countries: rates ($1.29/min to most countries in Western Europe) - Check compatibility of you phone and you destination country online

Before leaving the U.S. or Canada, please call 1-866-CINGULAR or visit a retail store to activate international roaming or international long distance.

NOTE: Your payment history and the length of time you've been a Cingular customer will be factors which determine your eligibility for this service. for more information



One-year contract: 35 dollars per Month.

adv:You get the best price with a one year contract at Wall Mart.

cons: as a guest researcher with a one-year visa or less, you have to pay directly 500 Dollars deposit for this contract.

Moreover the signal you can receive with the free cell phone related to the contract is very bad around Nist.


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