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Click here to browse a list of housing offered near the NIST campus in Gaithersburg. You can also post that you are looking for housing.

Apartments in Maryland

This is a list of apartement complexes that has been gathered by the Office Of International Affairs as places that have already been rented by guest researchers. This list is not exhaustive.

It's a good idea to contact them anyway, many of these complexes have "specials" and/or referrees progams. You may have free months, if you have no referee, ask for one to the GRA. Usually both new comer and referant have something to get...

Apartment complex address and renting conditions Around monthly rent for one bedroom Around monthly rent for two bedrooms Around monthly rent for three bedrooms Distance From NIST (miles)
Brighton Village -

345-A West Side Drive
Gaithersburg MD 20878
6 or 12 month leases available; Security deposit: $250; One month off for NIST GR on 1 year lease; Rent do not include gas and electricity.

$1000 $1050 (1 bath)

$1200 (2 bath)

$1400 (2 bath) 0.5
Grove Park Apartments -

714 Clopper Road
Gaithersburg MD 20878
Note: 6 or 12 month lease available; 350$ security deposit required; Rent do not includes water, gas and electricity.

 ?  ?  ? 0.6
Orchard Pond - web

893 Clopper Road
Gaithersburg MD 20878
Rent do not includes water and gas (heating, warm water). electricity free. 3 months +250, 6 months +75 to the rent.

950-1000 1100-1200 1400 0.6
Cider Mills

18201 Lost Knife Circle
Montgomery Village MD 20886

 ?  ?  ? 2
Breckenridge apartments

Boysenberry way
Gaithersburg MD 20879, 6 or 12 month lease available. washer and dryer in unit. Good leasing office staff. Pool and tennis courts. Rent does not includes water and gas.

$1000 (1 bath)  ?  ? 2-3
Governors Square

409 Muddy Branch Road
Gaithersburg MD 20878

 ?  ?  ? 2
Lakeside Apartments

517 S.Frederick Avenue
Gaithersburg MD 20877

 ?  ?  ? 1.6
Londonderry Apartments

17041 Downing street
Gaithersburg MD 20877

 ?  ?  ? 1.1
Oakwood Apartments

9806 Mahogany Drive
Gaithersburg MD 20878

 ?  ?  ? 2.8
Seneca Club

18065 Cottage Garden Drive
Germantown MD 20874

 ?  ?  ? 3.9
Stratford Place

12 West Dear Park Drive
Gaithersburg MD 20877

 ?  ?  ? 2

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In Boulder


Most apartments for rent in the US are unfurnished, which for the temporary visitor from abroad is inconvenient. Also, some rentals in Boulder are for fixed dates which match the students' academic year at the university: midMay - midAugust, which also may be inconvenient. However, some furnished places are around and not all places are inflexible on the lease. Deposit of about one month's rent is usual.

Around $500 - $680 is typical for an unfurnished one bedroom apartment. Studios (one large room) start at about $420. These prices exclude utilities. A fully furnished and equipped 2 bedroom apartment costs $950/month and up.

Housing Helpers is an apartment/room finding agency which can be useful (303-545-6000).

Some places where recent guest researchers have stayed at are:

  1. Canyon Creek Apts. (303) 442-5795 -- 29th & Baseline, lower price range, 1.5 km from NIST, usually 9 months minimum lease.
  2. Creekside (303) 499-3159 – 505 27th & Baseline, mid price range, across from NIST
  3. Park Mesa Apartment (303 494-6908 -- 650 S Lashley Ln, short term starting at one month, fully equipped and furnished apartments available, upper price range
  4. Tantra Lake Apartments (303) 499-3605 1000 W. Moorhead Circle, upper price range, short term lease available.
  5. The Bluffs 303-499-3955 -- 3455 Table Mesa Drive & Stanford Drive, mid price range, 1.5 km from NIST, flexible on length of lease

Rooms in shared houses are available and are obviously less expensive but still not cheap! Prices starting at $300. per month incl. utilities are rather scarce; average is about $420./month incl. but higher prices are also found. Many adverts appear in local newspapers (Colorado Daily, Daily Camera) in the section "Classified Room Mates" and University of Colorado notice board on lower level of the UMC (University Memorial Center, equivalent of a 'Students Union Building', located at Broadway & Euclid). Ads in May/June offer mostly summer sublets through August. The housing office in the UMC offers a list of available private rooms for rent for a nominal fee ($10.).

Also check out:

Temporary accomodation

For the "first week" or friends/parents/professors/... visiting you might be looking for a reasonable priced motel. As mentioned earlier, Boulder is expensive. Furthermore, there are a few dates for which all motels and other short term accommodations will be booked two to three months in advance for significantly higher prices:

  1. the Boulder Bolder race on Memorial Day Weekend (last Monday of May)
  2. Labor Day Weekend (first Monday of September)
  3. "Parents Day" at CU (somewhere in October)
  4. All important football games of the CU Buffalos, i.e. against Nebraska
  5. Where to stay: The "Boulder Youth Hostel" (303) 303-442-0522 -- 1107 12th. Can probably be described as American standard not to hurt anyone's feelings. Experiences have varied over time. At least, I have seen quite a few better (and cleaner) youth hostels in Europe. Prices are $32 for one person a single room, $36 for two. Bunk beds are $15. No credit cards accepted! Reservation deposits are required in cash or traveler cheque.
  6. Chautauqua Park (900 Baseline Rd., (303) 786-9463. A room with a private bath seasonal available $77 per night
  7. Columbine apartments, 4 night minimum ($68-$96 per night. The rooms are small, some without air conditioning but the lodges have a large dining/living room, a small kitchen with refrigerator and micro wave and a porch. The "Dining Hall" is open during summer only (breakfast through dinner). The distance to NIST as well as to the University is only 1 km (or 0.6 miles), though steep downhill.
  8. For groups of four or larger, the Super 8 Motel (303) 443-7800 -- 970 28th Street is a bargain They offer a suite with two bedrooms (two beds each), living room and a small kitchenette for $100 a night. Their single rooms are quite expensive, $86. Our experience was very good, friendly and helpful staff, clean.

A better price for a single room (one or two persons) can be found at the "Foot of the Mountain Motel" (200 Arapahoe Rd., 4425688) for $50 a night, though no personal experience has been reported yet. 3. Utilities

Public Service of Colorado (phone 303- 6231234) has the franchise to supply electricity & gas for domestic use. Around $40/month seems typical for a small apartment. Some (larger) apartment sites pay the utilities in total, split the bill up and then bill you. Charges from the City of Boulder for water and rubbish collection are relatively low (< $5/month) and are typically included in the rent with apartment complexes.

Some apartments include cable TV (basic is $31/month). There are a variety of different plans available.

Phone companies

Qwest supplies the local telephone connection 1-800-244-1111. The monthly 'basic fee' is approx $35, local calls are then free. Connection setup charge is $35. and you are expected to buy your own telephone.

You then choose one of the many companies that supply the long distance (and international) service, these include: AT&T, Sprint and MCI there are more than 180 total!! You should ask for the wide range of competing (& confusing) special deals they can offer you which are worth examining closely. A deposit of approx $140 is charged by QWest which is credited to your account after one year. QWest will include the bill of the long distance company on their own bill, stating each call separately oo you have to pay only one bill.


Rights and Obligations for Tenants and Landlords under the Maryland Law

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