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This article will help you to find what you can do outside NIST.


Montgomery County Recreation Activities

Living in the USThe Montgomery County proposes all sort of activities to its residents. Take a look at their website. It is affordable, and you can get to socialize with others residents of the county.

Registration for Fall classes begins on August 15, 2005


PDF brochure

Some of their activities : Arts and Crafts for Youth, Arts and Crafts for Adults, Dance for Adults, Dance for Youth, Music, Cooking, Exercise and Fitness for Youth, Fitness, Exercise and Wellness, Martial Arts for Youth, Martial Arts for Adults, etc.

Activities at NIST

Employee Organizations and Other Groups

  • The Association of NIST Asian-Pacific Americans (ANAPA)
  • ANHA: Association of NIST Hispanic Americans
  • Birth to Preschool Age Children Parents Discussion Group (BtoP)
  • NIST Association for African-American Staff (NAAS)
  • NIST Childcare Center
  • NIST Committee for Women (NCW)
  • NIST - Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Employees (NIST-GLOBE)
  • NIST Museum Committee
  • NIST Toastmasters Club
  • Standards Alumni Association (SAA)
  • Standards Employees Benefits Association (SEBA) and Fitness Center
  • Sigma Xi NIST Chapter
  • Web Designers Group

Find more information on (Note: This is a page inside NIST network so it can't be accessed from outside.)

Sports at NIST

* Soccer: You can play soccer in front of Building 226 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 12h30 & 2h00. We don't know your skills but we think that the level is accessible to everyone. The players are friendly and they welcome everybody. These soccer sessions include NIST employees. The person to contact is Richard Gates. For more leisurely soccer sessions, you can contact us. Some guests usually play in the fields near gate F on Thursdays evenings from 5pm and we can have you registered on their mailing-list.
* Volleyball: NIST has a beach volley field. Our association usually has a list of people interested in playing. You can contact us and we will direct you to them.
* Basketball
* Sports proposed by SEBA (Standards Employees benefit Association) o Basketball o Bowling o Golf o Ski Club o Bellydance o Soccer o Softball o Tennis o Fitness Center o Aerobics

For more information about the SEBA activities, check the following link:

Professionals in the city - meeting new people in DC

Living in the USThere are many community websites for professionals, here is one which has a Washington DC community :

They seem to be pretty active. Take a look at their calendar of events. I quote them : "It's a great resource for people who want to meet new people and take advantage of everything that DC has to offer". They offer a large panel of classes so people can get together (cooking, aikido, etc.). The nice thing is that you get to do something new and you socialize with new people.


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