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First of all, you need to be sure to have the credentials (username, password) in order to add a user into the current mailing lists whether it is for the members or the board. The credentials are all shared into a Google Document. If you don't have them, ask a current tech manager.

We currently have 2 different mailing lists: gra-members and gra

  • gra-members: all the guest researchers
  • gra: only the board members, this is the mailing list we are using to communicate between board members

Here are the steps to add an email into the mailing list:

  1. Choose the mailing list you want: gra-members or gra.
  2. Reach the page:
  3. They will ask for the list name (gra or gra-members), the password in the google document, the email address and the names of the user you want to add

If you want to remove a previous user, you just need to repeat the same steps but while changing the URL by this one:

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